The Best Investment Apps in South Africa 2022

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Are you an aspiring, amateur investor located in South Africa? If so, this guide will go over some of the best investment apps for beginners that will help kick-start your career.

In this digital age, there is an abundance of mobile apps available on the market, making it difficult to decipher which ones are actually worth downloading. For that reason, this article carefully analyses popular investment apps, supplying the information you need to decide which app is best for you.

You’ll find that by the end of the article, you’ll have both the knowledge and confidence to not only use these apps, but to also make a success of them.

At a glance
After 40 hours of researching and testing all the investment apps avalaible in South Africa, we’re confident that is the best investment app to start with. With a beginner friendly interface, no trading fees, and an amazing customer service, it’s all you need to start investing.

What makes the best investment app?

  • Asset variety: The best investment apps in South Africa will offer a wide range of assets to purchase. This means you will be able to purchase stocks, shares, commodities, ETF’s and much more.
  • Account types: People use investment apps for different reasons, so it’s best to have different accounts suited for different needs. These could be standard brokerage accounts, retirement accounts, education accounts or Investment accounts for kids.
  • Payments, withdrawals and deposits: There is nothing worse than a slow, inefficient payment system. Allowing users to withdraw money and make further investments in a quick, streamlined fashion makes a world of difference. A good indication that an investment app is reliable with payments would be if it supports services such as Google Pay, Apple Pay and banking integrations.
  • Data protection: You may find that you have a lot of money tied to investment apps, so the main question is, are your assets safe? A well-managed, reliable app will prioritise making sure that your money is not mismanaged, lost or stolen.
  • User Experience: Trading isn’t child’s play, and when you are potentially looking at moving large sums of money around, you want to ensure you are using an app that is well-designed with a positive user experience at the heart of it. The interface should be simple and easy-to-use, and the technology should be streamlined to save you from having to deal with glitchy software. 
  • Educational Resources:  Whether you are new to trading or whether you’ve been in this business a while, investing strategically is a continuous learning experience. For this reason, you’ll find that the best investment apps will always feature an element of digestible educational content to help boost your trading knowledge. 
  • Favourable Fees: Investing successfully is all about making an additional income, and at the end of the day, it all comes down to the bottom line. Therefore when choosing an investment app, you don’t want all your hard-won profits going down the drain in the form of various deposits, withdrawals and trading fees. Therefore, it is important to make a meticulous comparison of apps to ensure you won’t be losing out in terms of your returns. 

The Best Investment Apps for South Africa Investors The Best Investment App Overall in South Africa
Avatrade The innovative app for the beginner traders
Plus500 Another really good app, specially for CFDs and Forex
Libertex Learn. Practice. Trade
Vantage FX Next-generation forex broker
CM Trading Best app to learn how to invest like a champion
FBS Simple, effective and safe investment app

capital-banner – The best investment app overall in South Africa

App details – Android/iOs: ⭐ 4.5/5 – 23,000+ reviews | Installs: 1,000,000+ | Size: ⚙️ Varies with device | Price: Free

Year Founded 2016
Trading Fees Low
Minimum Deposit (in Rands) $20 (294.94 ZAR)
Maximum Leverage 500:1
Regulations Regulated in three jurisdictions — the UK, Cyprus, and Belarus
Time to open an account 1 day
Number of base currencies supported 4
Trading Instruments Forex, cryptocurrency, commodities, stock indices and stocks (totalling more than 2000)
Trading Platforms Web-based, MT4, mobile and tablet apps hosts an inspired investment app that has much to offer users located in South Africa. Its sleek interface and user-friendly services make it of the best investment apps for beginners.

One of its major selling points is that it doesn’t charge any commission for trading. Instead, the company makes money through the spread on a quoted price. Basically, the bid-offer spread is the difference between the buy-price and the sell-price. In that regard, the spread-charges on are very low, most being 0.1% or less, which is pretty inexpensive to most traders. On top of that, there is no withdrawal or inactivity fee. This means you don’t have to worry about paying extra fees for withdrawing your money, or if you just want to take a break from investing.

Good to know
If customer support is important to you, take comfort that you’ll receive excellent service when using Their agents are available 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, and regardless of your issue or query, they will provide quick, informative answers to help you on your way.

When using the app, you’ll find that searching for stocks has never been easier. The well-designed layout allows the user to browse over 2000 available trading markets in a seemingly effortless fashion. It will also give you useful information such as ‘top risers’, ‘top fallers’, and other groupings so you can carefully decide on what your next investment will be.

Their real-time news feed feature is highly useful, as it gives users up-to-date news related to the global financial market. Meaning, you can simply be notified through the app whenever important news is announced.

What makes it part of the best investment apps list:

  • Commission-free stocks
  • No withdrawal or inactivity fee
  • Amazing customer support


  • Each fiat currency requires a separate live account
  • Only 2:1 leverage in cryptocurrency trading


Avatrade – The best innovative app for the beginner investors

App details – Android/iOs: ⭐ 4.6/5 – 6,700+ reviews | Installs: 1,000,000+ | Size: ⚙️ 19mo | Price: Free

Year Founded 2006
Trading Fees Low
Minimum Deposit (in Rands) $100 (1474.68 ZAR)
Maximum Leverage 400:1
Regulations Regulated in – EU, Japan, Australia, South Africa, UAE and the British Virgin Islands
Time to open an account 1 day
Number of base currencies supported 5
Trading Instruments CFD, Forex, Stocks (totalling over 1000)
Trading Platforms Web-based, MT4, MT5, mobile and tablet apps

Avatrade offers a highly-regarded app that allows new users the ability to invest, build connections and even learn a thing or two. Its versatile and informative platform makes it one of the best investment apps in South Africa.

You’ll find that it’s highly beneficial for beginners as it offers a wide range of learning material that will help you improve as an investor. These include video tutorials, courses, explainer articles and much more. So, if you’re new to the investment world and looking to get your foot in the door, Avatrade is a great place to start.

Good to know
The platform also offers a service called Duplitrade, which allows you to automatically copy trading strategies from high performing investors based on their trading style and risk preference. This is a major selling point as it truly helps new users build confidence when it comes to their own investments by learning from others.

Mobile trading is growing more popular by the day, so being able to do business from the comfort of your smartphone is seen as a necessity. Avatrade does not fall short in that regard. The AvatradeGo app has a robust set of features that help streamline your experience such as syncing watchlists and volatility protection. Not only that, the app will provide guidance when opening trades, give you feedback on investments and update you on any market trends. These are just a few of the perks that will give you the knowledge to invest both safely and efficiently.

When it comes to user experience, AvaTrade has an advantage over most other brokers as its traders will have several platforms at their disposal, including MT4, MT5 and AvaOptions. AvaTrade also boasts an array of trading tools that are beneficial for traders, including AvaProtect, which is the company’s own risk management system. 

Another key benefit for traders who choose to use AvaTrade is that you can bypass any deposit or withdrawal fees. Furthermore, traders also have access to a brilliant selection of educational resources, which are especially for those starting out on their trading journey.

If you’re not yet sold on Avatrade, they have won many awards including ‘Best Forex Broker’ for their ability to maintain strict trading standards, operating with integrity and always putting the customer first. It goes without saying, having faith that a platform will securely look after your money is of the utmost importance.

Why it is one of the best investment apps in South Africa:

  • Educational benefits
  • Social trading among users
  • Highly efficient mobile investing


  • Inactivity fee applied to accounts
  • No volume discount when buying assets


Plus500 – Another really good app, specially for CFDs and Forex

App details – Android/iOs: ⭐ 3.9/5 – 97,000+ reviews | Installs: 10,000,000+ | Size: ⚙️ 67mo | Price: Free

Plus500 is an Israel-based Forex and CFD trading company founded in 2008. It has its operation spread out in more than 50 countries including South Africa. It offers a ton of features that South African investors can take advantage of, making it a great deal. Let’s get to know more about Plus500.

Good to know
Plus500 is safe to use because it is regulated in various tier-1 and tier-2 jurisdictions such as FCA and ASIC, which are authoritative safety regulatory bodies. This adds a lot of weight to its credibility and legitimacy. So, you don’t need to worry about safety while trading, making deposits, and withdrawals.

If you are interested in trading in various financial markets with different instruments, Plus500’s selection of trading instruments is surely a great way to go. We are talking about more than 2000 instruments that you can use to trade in financial markets across different countries.

The mobile app of Plus500 is available on both iOS and Android platforms, which you can download for free. The app does not lack any of the features of Plus500. You can avail of every feature that is available on the website or desktop client of Plus500. Moreover, this app is extremely simple as well as easy to use and navigate. Even if you are a beginner, you will get used to it pretty quickly.

The app offers numerous deposit options, including credit cards, wire transfers, and other mainstream virtual cards. Opening an account is relatively easy – it won’t take you more than a day. There is no withdrawal fee and you will be able to do demo trades, which won’t cost you a dime either – the best feature for a beginner-friendly investment app.

Why it is one of the best investment apps in South Africa:

  • Highly secure
  • More than 2000 trading instruments
  • Easy to use app
  • Quick account opening


  • Limited educational resources
  • Only CFD available


Libertex – Learn. Practice. Trade.

App details – Android/iOs: ⭐ 4.5/5 – 22,000+ reviews | Installs: 5,000,000+ | Size: ⚙️ 37mo | Price: Free

Year Founded 1997
Trading Fees Low
Minimum Deposit (in Rands) 10 € (178.83 ZAR)
Maximum Leverage 30:1
Regulations Regulated in Cyprus and South Africa
Time to open an account 1 day
Number of base currencies supported 7
Trading Instruments Stocks ETF’s, CFD’s and commodities (totalling over 250)
Trading Platforms Web-based, MT4, mobile and tablet apps

Founded in 1997, Libertex has spent over 2 decades building a highly regarded reputation in the world of investment. Its app is designed to boost your trading experience, making it simple to use, regardless of whether you’re a professional or beginner.

Good to know
The app is available on both android and IOS, receiving mostly positive reviews and testimonials. Incredibly simple to use, you’ll have no issue placing orders, managing your account or navigating the app’s sleek interface. Its impressive design also comes with exciting features such as technical analysis, live quotes and trading recommendations, giving you the tools to improve as an investor.

Arguably, Libertex’s best and most unique selling point is its ability for clients to open a demo account. This works by giving the client $50,000 of ‘fake’ money which they can use to trade in a 100% risk-free environment. Of course, the client cannot make any profit in demo mode, but also, they won’t have to worry about losing money either. This is extremely beneficial for beginners, as it gives people who are new to the world of investing a chance to get their feet wet by seeing what it’s like to trade in the financial market.

As Libertex is so confident in providing you with the best service, it participates in the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF). This means clients are eligible for up to $20000 compensation if any claims are made against the company being unable to fulfil its financial obligations.

Why it is one of the best investment apps in South Africa:

  • Demo account for investment practice
  • Investor Compensation Fund (ICF)
  • Many in-app features


  • Demo account for investment practice
  • Investor Compensation Fund (ICF)
  • Many in-app features


Vantage FX – Next-generation forex broker

Android/iOs: ⭐ 4.7/5 – 4,400+ reviews | Installs: 1,000,000+ | Size: ⚙️ 35mo | Price: Free

Year Founded 2009
Trading Fees Low
Minimum Deposit (in Rands) $200 (2984.47 ZAR)
Maximum Leverage 500:1
Regulations Regulated in Cayman Islands, Australia, UK
Time to open an account 1 day
Number of base currencies supported 7
Trading Instruments Forex, stocks, CFD and cryptocurrency (totalling over 1000)
Trading Platforms Web-based, MT4, mobile and tablet apps

Vantage FX is a robust and trustworthy platform that offers clients the ability to trade with ease. It supports highly-regarded trading tools such as Forex and Metatrader that help users invest more simply and efficiently. They offer affordable, highly sought-after assets such as gold, indices and shares that can be purchased easily through their modernised app.

Good to know
The platform has much to offer beginner traders, or those looking to learn more tips and tricks when it comes to investing. All clients have access to over 120 educational videos kept on its in-app library. These vary from market analysis tutorials, cryptocurrency overview and know-all basics to help strengthen your career as an investor.

When using the app, you’ll be amazed at how well-designed the search function bar is. Whether you’re searching for a stock, commodity, or cryptocurrency, their efficient search feature allows the client to pinpoint exactly what they’re looking for through brilliantly crafted list groupings and filter options.

Because English may not be everyone’s first language, Vantage FX really went the extra mile in making their app accessible to as many people as possible by offering 25 available in-app languages to choose from. There’s also no need to worry about security when using the Vantage FX. Their app has a two-step authentication system, guaranteeing that your money, investments and privacy are in safe hands. Not only that, they are regulated by top-tier regulators such as ASIC and FCA, making them extremely trustworthy.

Why it is one of the best investment apps in South Africa:

  • Well-designed search function bar
  • 25 accessible languages
  • Two-step authentication system


  • Customer service could be improved
  • Limited product selection

cm trading review homepage (1)

CM Trading – Best app to learn how to invest like a champion

Android/iOs: ⭐ 4/5 – 370+ reviews | Installs: 50,000+ | Size: ⚙️ 18mo | Price: Free

Year Founded 2012
Trading Fees Low
Minimum Deposit (in Rands) $250 (3730.30 ZAR)
Maximum Leverage 200:1
Regulations Regulated in South Africa
Time to open an account 1 day
Number of base currencies supported 4
Trading InstrumentsV CFD, Forex, Stocks and indices (totalling more than 2000)
Trading Platforms Web-based, MT4, mobile and tablet apps

If you’re looking for a well-trusted, South African investment app, CM Trading will be perfect for you. Their platform offers across the globe access to Forex and CDF trading instruments that include stocks, shares, indices and many other must-have purchases.

CM trading’s app is arguably one of the best investment apps in South Africa due to its wide range of trading tools and features. It offers a Smart Communication system, that keeps clients up to date via direct messaging and feedback analysis on your recent trading activity. It also has an economic calendar that keeps clients updated in regards to any financial news that could potentially affect your investments. The app also offers a selection of educational ebooks that can be downloaded to your computer, tablet, or smartphone. This is perfect for beginners who are looking to learn a thing or two while they invest.

Good to know
The platform offers different trading accounts for different needs. These vary from a mini account, classic account, executive account, and premium account. The mini and classic accounts are particularly good for beginners as they offer cheap fees, attractive leverage and spreads, while still retaining all of the great features the app has to offer.

Account opening is simple and stress-free, usually being able to be completed within 24 hours. All you need is an email address, a form of identification and proof of residency and then you’re good to go. Also, you won’t need to worry about safety or security, as CM trading is regulated by the Financial Services Board (FSB) in South Africa. In fact, their commitment to customer satisfaction and following regulatory guidelines has won them the award of Best Performing Broker in Africa 2017.

Why it is one of the best investment apps in South Africa:

  • Smart Communication system
  • Educational resources
  • Quick account opening


  • Only 4 base currencies supported
  • Does not provide negative balance protection

FBS – Simple, effective and safe investment app

Android/iOs: ⭐ 4,5/5 – 65,000+ reviews | Installs: 5,000,000+ | Size: ⚙️ 51mo | Price: Free

Year Founded 2018
Trading Fees Low
Minimum Deposit (in Rands) $1 (14.92 ZAR)
Maximum Leverage 1:3000
Regulations Regulated in Cyprus, Belize ad Marshall Islands
Time to open an account 1 day
Number of base currencies supported 5
Trading InstrumentsVIf you’re looking for an investment Forex, Metals, Stocks, and CFD (totalling over 500)
Trading Platforms Web-based, webtrader, FBS, MT4, mobile and tablet apps

If you’re looking for an investment app that can offer low fees, quick trades and low spreads, FBF will be the perfect investment app for you. This highly available platform can be accessed by clients from all over the world, and with a minimum deposit of only $1, this is arguably one of the best investment apps for beginners.

Good to know

The app itself has many cool features such as the ability to trade multiple assets classes, 24/7 access to your trading history, real-time prices, and educational trading tools. You’ll find that when using the platform, it’s designed in a way to make your trading experience as easy as possible.

FBS has made controlling your finances through the app as simple as can be. You can withdraw and deposit money with a touch of a button and also see any past transactions you have made. Not only that, but the platform also offers clients a bonus when depositing their initial money onto their account, as a way to incentivise new investors to sign up.

The platform has a wide range of accounts, all with different purposes depending on what you’re looking for. One thing that differs from each account is the trade leverage available. It varies from 50:1 to 3000:1. The latter is created for those more experienced investors who are looking to make the most profit, however, such a high amount does come with risks. That’s why the lower leverage trading accounts are great for newbies as it allows them to trade in a relatively low-risk environment.

Why it is one of the best investment apps in South Africa:

  • A variety of different accounts to choose from
  • Easy to withdraw money
  • Minimum deposit of $1


  • Not many base currencies supported
  • Lacking is asset selection

How did we choose the best investment app for beginner investors?

Choosing an investment app can be hard, particularly if you’re new to the world of online trading. Because of this, the next section of this article will be dedicated to some of the most important aspects to pay attention to when looking for an investment app.

Safety and security

It goes without saying, knowing that your finances are in safe hands is of major importance to most clients. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to check to see if an investment app can be trusted.

Two-step authentication/biometric software

Two-step authentication is making clients provide two pieces of information when logging onto an account. For example, this could be a password and a memorable word or phrase that would need to be quoted before access is granted. Furthermore, biometric software is the ability for an app to scan your face before access to the account is granted.

Supportive of banking services

In order for apps to be able to use banking services such as Mastercard, Visa, or Paypal, they must first prove that they are compliant with the regulatory rules those banking services impose.

Trading instruments

Trading instruments are essentially the different types of markets you can trade when using an investment app. Depending on the app, these can vary, but we will list below some of the most common trading instruments:

  • Stocks: A stock represents ownership of a fraction of a company or corporation. Units of stock are called shares.
  • ETF’s (Exchange-Traded-Funds): An ETF is a basket of assets. A simple way of looking at it, when you buy a stock, you’re investing in a single company. An ETF will be a larger collection of stocks.
  • Metals: Probably the easiest trading asset to understand, many investment platforms will allow you to buy and sell material assets such as gold or silver.
  • CFD’s: Within financial contacts, a CFD will pay the difference in settlement price between the open and closing trades.
  • Cryptocurrency: This is a form of currency that is an alternative to typical currency used by banks. It can be bought and sold at different rates depending on its worth.

Trading fees

When signing up for an investment app, there will be a range of different trading fees you could potentially be paying. So, to get you started, we’ll go over some of the most common trading fees and explain what they mean.

Minimum Deposit

A minimum deposit is the amount of money required to open an account on an online trading app. You’ll find that some brokers do not require a minimum deposit at all, while other range from very low, to relatively high. Whatever the case, it’s always best to be prepared.

Stock Trade Fee (Flat)

A flat trading fee means the broker you’re using will charge a single rate no matter what shares are purchased, or how many.

Broker Assisted Trade Fee

If you are looking to trade a speciality asset, you may require a licenced broker to help you with the process. The broker-assisted trade fee is exactly that. You are essentially paying for someone more qualified than yourself to help execute a trade.

Below is a list of the minimum deposit fees each app in this article charges: 294.94 ZAR
Avatrade 1474.68 ZAR
Libertex 178.83 ZAR
Plus500 1492.24 ZAR
Vantage FX 2984.47 ZAR
CM Trading 3730.30 ZAR
FBS 14.92 ZAR

Time to open an account

When you decide on an investment app, the process of opening an account is usually straightforward. However, depending on which app you choose, there may be slight variations on the steps you need to take. For most, you’ll need to provide proof of identification, residency and an email address.

Once you have provided this information, most highly-regarded investment apps can open your account within 24 hours.

Educational Features

Of course, the main use of an investment app is to invest. Although, there is so much more that it can be used for, particularly for newbies.

Some of the best investment apps for beginners will have educational features available to help clients learn how to become more successful traders. These typically come in the form of different types of media, such as:

  • Tutorial videos
  • Lesson guides
  • eBooks
  • Infographics

Customer support

Having a well-organised, customer support system for an investment app can be make-or-break for some clients, and frankly, we support this view. As a broker, making sure that your app has an efficient service to help clients that are in need should be one of your top priorities.

Fortunately, there are many investment apps available that offer great customer support, most of which have similar characteristics that include:

  • Support availability 7 days a week
  • Live, in-app chat feature
  • Customer service telephone number
  • Quick response time

Supported currencies

There are currently 180 used currencies in the world, unfortunately, investment apps cannot use all of them when trading, but well-renowned brokers will try to incorporate the most popular trading currencies.

Usually, investment apps will support USD, EUR, UKP JY, and other currencies used in large economies. This doesn’t mean you can’t use the app if you’re not from a county with a large economy, it just means you may have to trade in a different currency.

That said, some of the best investment apps for beginners will try and support as many currencies as possible, as a way to make their app more inclusive for all traders, no matter where they’re from.


Investment apps will offer something called leverage as a way for clients to increase their trading performance. An example of this, if a broker offers maximum leverage of 100:1, this means clients will have the trading power of $1000 even if they have only $10 in their account.

This is offered by brokers as a way to maximise any potential profits to be made for clients, which subsequently, benefits the broker.

That said, this isn’t free money. If You make an unsuccessful trade with high leverage, to minimise damage, the broker will liquidate your assets so you don’t lose more money. So, as advantageous as high leverage is, always be careful when using it.

Listed below is a comparison table of the leverage’s available in the apps mentioned in this article: Avatrade Libertex Plus500 Vantage FX CM Trading FBS
500:1 400:1 30:1 20:1 500:1 200:1 3000:1

Demo Accounts

Some of the best investment apps for beginners will offer something called a demo account, which allows new clients to trade with zero financial risk.

Basically, on a demo account, clients will be given a certain amount of capital (this varies depending on the app), that they can trade with. This capital isn’t real, in the sense that it has no financial worth, however, it can be extremely useful when learning the ins-and-outs of the investment world.

New clients will be given the ability to trade against a live financial market, buying, selling and acquiring assets just like an experienced trader. The only difference is on a demo account, there is no risk that you can lose your money, as there is no money to be lost.

This is a highly valuable feature for beginners, as it gives them the chance to build up confidence before trying out the real thing.


Design is everything. An investment app may have amazing features, but if it’s poorly designed, people won’t want to use it. Fortunately, there are many great investment apps out there that don’t fall short in that regard.

Here are the main design features top trading apps will have:

Fast and stable

Making sure that the app is free of bugs and design flaws that may slow it down. A high-quality investment app will allow the client to trade efficiently and not have to worry about glitches, crashes, or any other inconvenient bugs.

Tailored to its audience

As soon as you open the app, it should be crystal clear that it was tailored for beginner investors. If you find that there is a lot of content that isn’t relatable, or even worse, confusing or unclear in regards to trading content, it’s probably not a good app.

Simple and easy to use

For most clients, the main motive for downloading an investment app is to trade. So, making that as easy as possible for the client should be a priority. This can be done through well designed, in-app features, such as:

  • An easy-to-use menu layout
  • Useful search bar
  • Aesthetic colour choice
  • Clear text
  • Easily located in-app resources
  • A straightforward navigation system

Frequently asked questions on investing

What is an investment?

When you invest in something, you are doing so in the hope of future financial gain. For example, if you purchase an asset for $100, you are hoping that this asset will increase in wealth, resulting in you making a profit from your investment. You have the choice to sell assets at a later point, which is how clients make money from investing.

How to calculate return on investment? (ROI)

ROI is calculated by the profit earned on the investment divided by the original cost of the investment.

An example:

If you invested $100 into an asset and it has since increased in wealth to $200. This would be a return rate of 1 or 100%.

What is a good return on investment?

This completely depends on the client and their risk tolerance. Investors who are typically risk-averse when trading will likely accept lower ROI in exchange for a risk-free trading experience. So, it’s down to the individual as to what ROI they are happy with.

Which investment app is best for beginners in South Africa? offers the best investment app for beginners in South Africa. It’s low fees and many available trading markets allow clients of all levels to trade freely. Their innovative app will allow beginners to build up their confidence and develop the skills to turn into trading experts.

What makes a good investment app?

A good investment app will typically have a user-friendly interface, lots of useful features and a well-designed system in place to allow clients to trade with ease. It will also offer great customer support, straightforward account opening and allow quick cash withdrawal.

Which is the most trusted investing app? is the most trusted investment app as it is regulated by FCA, a highly-regarded regulatory body.

How can I make money online in South Africa?

A great way to make money online in South Africa is through online investment apps. Using’s investment app, you’ll be able to purchase assets that could potentially increase in financial worth, earning you a profit.

What is the easiest investing app?

The easiest investment app is due to its incredibly designed features and its simple to use interface. It also has great customer support, quick and easy money withdrawal and excellent learning recourses.

How could an investment app make me money?

When using an investment app, you can make money buying and selling assets, stocks or commodities. If you carefully review and analyse trading markets before making a purchase, it could result in your future investment increasing in profit.

Conclusion & Verdict

There are many brilliant investment apps that are currently available to the public. However, deservingly takes the top spot for having the best investment app in South Africa. With over 2000 trading markets, low fees and an inspired, well-designed interface, it’s safe to say that’s app has much to offer beginner clients.

Its in-app features and customer support truly set it apart from the crowd. If you’re new to trading, you’ll love how professional and efficient their customer service is, offering support 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. Clients also have access to a state-of-the-art, real-time news feature, giving them constant updates regarding investment news from all around the world.

It’s no doubt, that if you’re looking to kick-start your trading career,’s app is the best place to do it.