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Our Mission

With more and more people looking for ways to diversify their investment portfolios and establish passive income sources, we want to make life easier for novice investors in South Africa.

Therefore, we’ve made it our mission to test and review all the financial apps on the market in South Africa. We will be judging these apps based on a whole host of factors such as user experience, functionality and the educational element.

Through this process, we hope to present our readership with content that breaks down the complex financial technology in ways that make these apps and the world of finance more accessible to beginners. We endeavour to provide balanced reviews and make recommendations on the best apps that will guide a novice investor successfully on the financial journey.

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Our Founder

This website is the brainchild of the dynamic, young financial advisor, Rudi Govender. Through various conversations with beginner investor friends, Rudi realised just how overwhelming the financial world could be for novices. Rudi aspires to inspire new south african investors by strengthening their knowledge, building their confidence and guiding them along a path to financial success.

Rudi aspires to inspire new investors by strengthening their knowledge, building their confidence and guiding them along a path to financial success. As such, driven by his passion for financial markets and investments he established this platform as a space to share digestible content on choosing the best investment apps in South Africa, designed especially for those who are new to the financial arena.

Our Values

Everything we do is governed by a few key principles, which are :

  • Constant Learning: The world of finance is dynamic and changes on a daily basis. As such, those that wish to thrive in this environment need to have a thirst for knowledge. We make it our duty to provide our clients with the best possible information that can help them make sound financial decisions.
  • Building Confidence: We know that the prospect of investing large sums of money can be daunting as the potential risks involved can be massive. However, by sharing our passion for finance and investment, we hope to impart the right knowledge and skills that will enable our readership to be confident in the decisions.
  • Trust and Transparency: We understand that when you’re dealing with your hard-earned funds, you want to work with people you trust. We endeavour to build solid professional relationships with all our clients. We know that trust forms the foundation of every one of these relationships. That is why we always strive to be honest and transparent. We present all our information in a clear, digestible manner without hiding anything away in the small print.
  • Efficiency: We are all busy people. No one has the time or energy to get bogged down in financial jargon. That is why we want to present our clients with information that is accurate and accessible.
  • Ambition: By empowering our users with accurate information, we strive to increase their confidence when it comes to their financial future. We want to help them develop the skills and accumulate the knowledge that will enable them to be the best and act with confidence in everything they do.

Our Editorial Standards

We want to simplify complex financial information in ways that make it easier for our readers to make sound decisions about their financial future. We want to empower them by giving them the knowledge to act with confidence to manage every aspect of their financial life.

To do this, we strive to provide article content that is accurate and unbiased by presenting complex financial concepts in ways that are more accessible. The aim here is not to make recommendations based on profit but to offer independent and unbiased app reviews and service evaluations. We use our experience, insights and knowledge of financial markets to provide readers with the information needed to make smarter decisions about the tools they use to guide their investments.